Friday, August 20, 2010

"God put a smile on your face"

Hello, friends!

I've been distributing "HAPPY PACKS" to strangers. I'll tell you more about it once I'm done giving out all of them. Please, please, I'm highly encouraging you to support this project! Anyone from any continent, age group, religion, or any other categories known to mankind is welcome to join. :)

I also want to share something with you...

A while ago, I opted to skip lunch to work on a paper. On my way home, I decided to buy myself some donuts just to make sure I won't faint due to hunger. (Hunger=Kryptonite!) While I was crossing a bridge, I came across an old man holding a bag of garbage. I still had two munchkins in my hand at that time so I said to him, "Kuya, gusto mo?" ("Brother, do you want some?"; Here in the Philippines, we address male strangers "Kuya", meaning brother, or "Manong") He took the donuts, gave me the nicest smile, and said to me, "Salamat!" ("Thank you!") In that moment, I found myself exchanging smiles with a stranger and it felt so wonderful!

However, I won't count him as part of this project's 500 strangers. What I did was too easy. One must constantly challenge himself/herself! Haha! BUT I'M NOT KIDDING, I WAS SO HAPPY TO HAVE HAD THE CHANCE TO MAKE A STRANGER SMILE TODAY! It's the best feeling I experienced this week.

I have a wish... and It's for you!

I wish that you would soon feel what I felt a while ago. I also wish that sooner or later, a stranger would be compelled to put a smile on his or her face because of you. One small act of kindness is worth a lot of awesomeness, I assure you!

I truly believe that we can make some great changes if we could inspire each other to always be kind--even to the people we don't know. Let's expand our circle of kindness! Share it with strangers!

By participating in this project, you'll be able to make the world a better place. I have faith in that. I have faith in you.

Thank you so much!


*Title borrowed from Coldplay's, "God Put a Smile on Your Face"

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