Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stranger #1: Goodmorning, stranger!

This first submission was sent by Lei from Canada. Read on to know more about her act of kindness that would surely give anyone a great morning!
Date of submission: 08/03/10

Today I've decided to brighten up someone's day. This young guy always stood in the streets of Halifax, early in the morning to give out free newspaper. Some people may gladly accept the newspaper, others may not. To either passerby, he always greets everyone with a smile and tells each person: "Have a great day."

Well, today, I've decided that it was my turn to give him something free. Today was his turn to have a "great day". I believe that a great day starts with a hearty meal. So I went into McDonalds to buy the "metro news guy" a medium coffee and an egg and sausage McMuffin. I also placed a small card inside the bag, to let him know that he was appreciated. I approached him. As much as i was so nervous, I greeted him with a smile, just as he always did. I asked him about his working hours and he said that he worked from 7 am to 10 am giving out free newspapers to earn $36 a day. I then gave him his free breakfast and took a picture of him (attached here). I told him to have a great day and went on my way. I never saw his reaction afterwards, but one thing was for sure- I felt good. I hope he did too. :)

Here's to the metro news guy! The person who woke up early in the morning on weekdays to offer passers-by their daily dose of current events. Just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated and you make someone else's day with the things you do. :) I hope I did the same to you, even for just one day. :)

Lei, thank you for that kind gesture. I'm pretty sure that stranger had a great day because of you. Also, thank you for sharing your experience with us.
Readers, I hope Lei's story has inspired you to do something kind today. <3

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