Sunday, August 22, 2010

Strangers #3 to #12: Happy Packs!

Finally, I'm done giving out happy packs!

What are happy packs? Well, they're small bags of biscuits, candies, and peanuts I prepared especially for strangers. I spent less than P100.00 (about 2.00 US Dollars) for 10 happy packs. You can make your own batch without shelling out a lot of money, you see!

I wasn't able to take pictures of all the "recipients" (sounds too formal!), but I can tell you a little bit about each of them...

Happy Pack #1: My mother, sister, and I were waiting for a taxi when we saw one kid trying to open a coconut with his teeth. Obviously, he was hungry so I gave him a happy pack. Turns out my mother knows the kid and she gives him food whenever he drops by our small store.

Happy Pack #2: We got into a taxi and had a good conversation with the driver when we found out that he knows my sister's friend who recently passed away. :( Mr. Driver was so nice and he had a lot of stories to share.

Before getting off of his taxi, I handed him a happy pack. :)

Happy Pack #3: I decided to give it to our server, Toffee, when we ate at Bigby's. He was so nice to us so I left him a happy pack together with his tip. Here's a photo of him:

Happy Pack #4: I was running late for school so instead of commuting, I rode a taxi. Before getting off, I gave the driver a happy pack! He smiled and thanked me for it. I was so happy that he did. Great morning!

Happy Packs #5 to #7: My friends and I were taking pictures when a kid walked towards us asking for the cups of vinegar we had. Unfortunately we just finished eating when the little kid approached us and all we could give him and the two boys he was with were happy packs. He's a cute kid. Look!

Happy Packs #8 to #10: We were leaving church when my mother advised me to distribute the remaining three happy packs to the children roaming around the parking lot... so I did. :)

I'll distribute more (and better) happy packs soon. Why not make your own batch of happy packs? I think that would be great!

Please, please share with us your 500 Strangers story! Let's go show people the awesomeness of kindness! Spread the KINDemic! :)

Happy and hopeful,


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