Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Good Vibrations! Stories of Kindness

A kind act doesn't have to be big and complicated. If it's a kind act, then it's safe to say that it's 100% good. Now who doesn't want a bit of goodness?

Recently, I received e-mails from college students, P. and Jay. Read on and see how much goodness a simple act of kindness can bring.  :)

(Note: Watch out for the entry on our 14th stranger :) )

I. From P.
Today, a stranger made me happy. :)
How? Let me tell you. :)

Yesterday, I had my graduation photoshoot from 3:30-5:30 PM. When I was going out of the venue, I was shocked to find half a dozen missed calls and even more text messages on my secondary phone. It turns out that I left my primary phone in one of the bathrooms in the venue, most probably when I was dressing up. The woman who found my phone called up my house (it was in my contacts list, after all) and told my mom that she had my phone and would keep it safe until I would be able to get it. All the calls and messages were from my mom and dad, telling me that there was a lady who found my phone and was available until 5 PM. Since she had already gone home by the time I found out about it, I asked my mom to call her home number (she gave it when she called my mom) and ask if I could get it the next morning, to which she said yes.

Today, I dropped by the place to get my phone, and I have it with me now - no more battery (it was already running low yesterday, so I thought ahead and brought my charger today), and no additional usage (my dad checked with our service provider). The lady even gave it back to me wrapped in a small plastic bag - to keep it safe, she said. My phone's pretty new - just around two months - and I'm on a postpaid line, so whoever found it could've had a field day with it, but the lady who found it didn't. And I'm so thankful for and happy about that.

Thank you, Ms. Myla of the ISO Canteen in Ateneo! :) I knew there was a reason why I like eating in your place so much. ;)

P :)

II.  From Jay
image source :)
Here's what I did:

I was waiting in line at a grocery store. The line was very long. It took me twenty minutes before hearing signs of the cashier. I was looking at the female cashier and noticed how stressed she was. It was clear even in the way she spoke. While she was giving me my change, I told her, "Ate, relax lang po. Everything's gonna be okay." The cashier laughed because of what I said and it was obvious that it wiped away all the stress that she was feeling at that time. She thanked me and said, "Sana araw-araw akong nakakarinig niyan." ("I wish I could hear that every day.")

[Note: Jay did his kind act even before he heard about 500 Strangers. Thank you, Jay!]
Thank you so much P. and Jay for sharing your stories with 500 Strangers!

Readers, I hope these stories have inspired you to do something kind today. Let's help make the world a kinder place, why don't we? Let's make at least 500 Strangers happy by November 2010!


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