Thursday, September 9, 2010

Playlist for a Stranger

Why not share the music you love with a stranger?

Click the image to find out how to participate

There is no limit to the number of CDs you can give out. :) Feel free to add a little note on the CD/s you're going to give and please send your stories to Share as much as you can!

On another note...

I recently  talked to people about 500 Strangers. Most of them expressed that they are held back from doing an act of kindness because of the idea that they do not have a stranger. Well, if you have the same concern, read on...

The essence of 500 Strangers lies not in the idea of finding THE stranger. You don't necessarily have to choose a stranger who is a familiar character in your every day life. Say, the old man you always see sitting by the corner of a shop or the lad who keeps on singing blues under a tree at the park near you. Yes, they count, but a stranger as random as the girl walking in front of you counts too.

I just want to send out the message that when it comes to kindness, it doesn't matter whether a person has something striking about him or her. You can choose to randomly give candies to the person who suddenly sat beside you while you're in a train. Kindness, at its best, sees beyond one's manifest characteristics. Kindness, at its best, doesn't choose. Just because I started this campaign focusing on strangers doesn't mean that acts of kindness directed towards people close to us is something that I discount. No. I'm just trying to emphasize the idea that we are free to be kind to anyone and that we can be kind to anyone. We can always expand the extent of our acts of kindness.

The world badly needs more love. Let's spread the KINDemic as much as we can. :)

I know November's approaching and I'm still hundreds of strangers short of my target number, but I haven't given up yet! I am optimistic about this. I have faith in you guys! Please, please, support this campaign. <3

I'm hoping to receive your stories soon!

Still optimistic,

musical notes images from here & here.

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