Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stranger #13: A Salute to the Bus Drivers

Good day! I'm glad to announce that we have a new submission!

Today's story was sent by Pin from Auckland, New Zealand. I hope her story inspires you to do something nice for the strangers who help you get through your everyday life. :)
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In Auckland, New Zealand, people mainly get around by bus. It was one of the first things I had to learn when we first migrated here. The bus systems are great; they have schedules available in the bus stops, and most come at an interval of 15-30 minutes.

I usually ride the bus to go to university every day, or to go to work. Honestly, it has given me so much freedom. Transportation is the usual problem whenever I want to go out, and having an easy and convenient way to travel solved this problem.

Almost all the bus drivers are nice too. From early in the morning, to late at night, they’d be polite and greet you when you get in. Whenever I get off a bus, I always make it a point to say “Thank You!” (Like everybody else), and instead of replying with a “You’re Welcome!” the drivers would just thank you as well and wish you a good day.

Recently, my boyfriend bought Mentos Fruity candies on sale. I love Mentos (or any candy in general) and I thought that it would be a great idea to give one to the bus driver for the next day, since he had some more left.

The night before we planned to give it, I made a little note, expressing my appreciation for his work (it’s no joke having to drive from our suburb to the city, and back again every day. It must be tiring!) I folded the note and stuck it to the candy, ready to be handed to the driver the next day after I paid him my fare.
Finally, it was time. I felt really nervous because I wasn’t so used to doing random things, let alone to strangers. The driver for that day was a nice, old, Kiwi man, going about his regular routine of taking us all to university or to work.

I looked at him and smiled, then handed him the Mentos while my boyfriend tried taking pictures (we were both a bit embarrassed as everyone who was already seated saw what we were doing). The bus driver was genuinely surprised, so I quickly explained that it was part of a Kindness Project for a friend. He smiled gratefully and took our little offering.

When we found our own seats, I was bubbling with excitement and happiness. He smiled! The bus driver smiled, and we made him happy! It felt good.

This is for all the bus drivers we encounter everyday who make it a point to be nice and greet each and every one of the passengers, despite having a monotonous, repetitive routine. Thanks for making our day!

Big thanks to you, Pin! 

And just like what Pin wrote on her note, I'm encouraging you all to,"Spread kindness, spread love!"


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