Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Strangers #16 and #17: What can you do with your EXTRAS?

What do you do with your extras?
Extra time? Extra money? Extra food?

The next submission 500 Strangers received is from a nursing student from the Philippines named Karina . Read on to find out how she got out of her way to share her extras with people in need. I hope her story would help you realize that being kind isn’t as taxing as some of us make it seem. Kindness is easy! Just be open when it comes to doing something good. There's always someone who is need of even just a bit of goodness.

I can assure you, any act of kindness is never a waste of time.

          We were on duty at Lipa, Batangas. On our way back to Manila, we decided to have lunch and saw an old lady and a child. On the same street, we also saw an old man begging for food. Approaching the place where we were going to eat, I remembered that my mom gave me three loaves of bread as “baon” (packed food). My classmates and I consumed one loaf and so I still had two loaves left.  Instead of wasting them or just let them rot, I asked my classmate to go with me and give each of the loaves to the old man and the old woman we saw.

          Later on, my friend’s mother treated us to lunch and gave each of us a 2-piece chicken meal. I only ate a piece and my classmates weren’t able to finish theirs as well. What I did was I packed the food we had left and handed them to the lady and the child we encountered earlier.


Thank you so much, Karina, for sharing the food you had left with you to the people who needed them most. It’s absolutely a kind thing to do!

Dear reader, please help 500 Strangers spread the KINDemic. Do something kind today and share with us your story. Together, let’s inspire people to always be kind. <3
Hopeful and optimistic,

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