Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Unwritten Parking Lot System

On November 20, we will be celebrating KINDNESS DAY. Kind-hearted individuals have already volunteered for the event! I also got messages from people saying they'll be donating special stuff we would need to make November 20 extra kind. :) I don't know if there is really such a thing as "Kindness Day", but believing that kindness is something worth spreading, we'll be celebrating it anyway! Heck, we should make each of our days a KINDNESS DAY!

This coming 20th of November, surely, we will have a lot of special things prepared for unsuspecting strangers! 

On other note, remember Pin? Sender of the entry about bus drivers?(this entryOnce again, She's sharing her story! Read on. :)
        Parking around Auckland City is very expensive (in fact, parking anywhere is expensive!), and really stressful if you can’t find a good spot right away. If you can’t walk to Uni, try catching a bus. The thing is, sometimes buses can be so unpredictable. They can leave you waiting for an entire hour before finally deciding to arrive and give you a lift to a class for which you’re already late!
         There are parking spaces around campus, but I’ve learned that you’d only choose those conveniently near spots if you’ve got the moo-lah! Otherwise, you’d be paying an amount which could have been used for a fairly nice meal.
       It was during those times that I rode with my boyfriend that I was able to observe an unwritten parking lot kindness system. Not everybody did it, and if you became a recipient of that kindness, then you’d consider yourself lucky.

       People pay for a whole-day parking fee. If ever they leave early and manage to come across someone who is just entering the lot, they’d give their tickets to the next person. That person would either, out of courtesy, pay half of the original amount to the leaving driver (this way, both the drivers only had to pay for half the parking fee), or get the parking ticket for free. 

        I have observed my boyfriend do this on several occasions, and managed to see others give away their tickets as well. I just thought it was a nice thing that they had this unwritten system of not just helping themselves, but helping out others as well. I’m not aware if this kind of etiquette exists in other parking lots too. I know it’s just a small thing, but in days of recession where money is tight, who wouldn’t appreciate a stranger offering a half-priced or free parking? J

Thank you so much Pin! It's great that kindness abounds in Auckland! :)

Guys, keep on sending your entries! The KINDemic will continue to spread and infect more people. That I assure you. ;)


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